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Since I'm leaving on vacation Tuesday (you'll be in the good hands of TFE's regular weekly columnists and a few other returning guests as well) I wanted to thank everyone again for helping make The Film Experience the lively place it is. I know the posting has been a bit slower than usual but it will all pay off next month: new website! easier navigation! blog more integrated with site charts! Etcetera!

So let's check back in with conversations that you are still having. Comments are love.

Frisky was not happy that Captain America's chest is so smooth. Is chest hair unpatriotic?

Matt makes a point about the AFI prizes going too full tilt boogie for Animal Kingdom. It's true that awards groups have this problem: once they love something they really love it, and every categoryvote is not so much a specific vote for that achievement as it is a vote for the film. Oscar does this nearly every year. It's an epidemic with awards groups, yes.

Dave thought James Franco was terrific in 127 Hours but is surprised he was cast at all. I know the movie is only in limited release at this point, but I'm eager to see where you fall on the scale of like to crazy 'i'd chop off my arm for this movie' love. (Few seem to dislike it.)

Melody thinks Kidman stole the spotlight in the six actress-wide Hollywood Reporter video. If you watched the whole thing, there's certainly a lot to chew on.

Lots of readers are still responding to the latest open thread Quick... "Which movie did you just watch and what did you think of it?" I always enjoy these tiny peaks into the world of Film Experience readers... and I hope you enjoy reading about each other's movie adventures. This thread was particularly gratifying because you can just read so much movie love, taste bud variety and commitment out there. Well done, you. ;)

Silencio is confident in Darren Aronofsky's plans for a Wolverine sequel. Why would he bother if he's not going to really go for it?

Finally, Ryan X had several performances he wanted to highlight in various Meryl Streep nomination years which leads me to something I wanted to note any way. The Streep nomination posts varied in terms of attention with some years sparking more debate than others. Here's how the comment totals went down.

78 The Deer Hunter -41 comments
79 Kramer Vs. Kramer - 34 comments
81 French Lieutenant's Woman - 50 comments
82 / 83 Sophie's Choice and Silkwood -52 comments
85 Out of Africa - 52 comments
87 / 88 Ironweed and A Cry in the Dark -45 comments
90 Postcards From the Edge -61 comments
95 Bridges of Madison County -74 comments
98 One True Thing -43 comments
99 Music of the Heart -46 comments 
02 Adaptation -47 comments
06 The Devil Wears Prada -58 comments
08 / 09 Doubt and Julie & Julia -48 comments

Now, comment counting is an inexact science and it's also totally precious navel gazing (look at all this lint!) but I just think it's interesting in this particular context (so maybe 11 of you do, too). Does this mean people think that 1990 and 1995 are the most interesting Best Actress years by consensus? Or was everyone just extra-chatty those weeks? Does this mean that not many people have sized up her competition in 1979? 

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